JadePower was founded by local University graduates in January 1991. The founders have over 10 years' experience in Electrical Power and Computer industries prior to the establishment.

JadePower's mission is to enhance the System's Availability and Reliability for the companies whose businesses depend on Computer System and  Information Technology.

'US power' UPS
In 1991 JadePower was appointed as Sole Distributor for 'US power' UPS, which are designed by General Power of the United States and manufactured under license in Taiwan. Within a few years JadePower has made a name for itself by providing High Power Availability for thousands of critical and mission-critical applications.


Service Oriented
Customers pay the product for two, the product and the service provided. JadePower has built its reputation by combining Power Quality Service, UPS hardware, UPS management software, and 7x24 on-site services into a complete, enterprise-wide solution for customers in Hong Kong, Macau and Pearl River Delta.

American Power Conversion UPS
In 1993 JadePower was appointed Distributor for 'APC' UPS, distinct from other distributors, JadePower provide prompt service responses for service-concerned APC's customers.
Power Quality Expertise
Because of  expertise and experience in UPS and Power Quality, JadePower's was engaged by APC as Contracted China Authorized Servicer in 1998.
APC Symmetra PowerArray
In end 1998 JadePower was proudly appointed by APC to marketing and servicing their state of art the first On-line UPS,  Symmetra PowerArray, the real PowerArray in the world.